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... now, all this stuff here is interesting, but don't get yourself distracted or procrastinate by wasting hours on it

  • A large scale epidemiological study on Internet addiction conducted at Stanford found that about 8% of participants use the Internet as a "way to escape problems or relieve negative mood".
  • From a LexisNexis Study
  • - Gen Y workers spend an average of 10.6 hours a day accessing social networking sites, news Web sites, blogs, Internet forums, and multimedia sharing Web sites, versus 5.6 hours reported by Boomers.
    - Sixty-two percent of Gen Y professionals report accessing a social networking site from work, versus only fourteen percent of Boomers.
    - Thirty nine-percent of Gen Y workers report using gaming programs at work, versus fourteen percent of Boomers.

  • From the Americal Psychological Association, about the effects of multitasking

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I'm definitely not the first to create a time management/time tracking application, and some of the stuff that's out there provides some great features. However, I don't know of any software that helps you set goals and even enforces them, nor have I seen apps with a 'work more' to that helps you limit multitasking.
Other tools like iFocus: