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iFocus is a new tool that allows you to track and restrict your computer use. It helps you improve time management and fight procrastination.


Track computer use

  • See how much you use your computer each day, and when you last took a break (screenshot)
  • Follow how much time you spend on Email, Web Browsing, Social Networking vs Word Processing and other research apps (screenshot) (example)
  • Track how much you spend on specific websites and software that you use (e.g. sports, music, blogging, programming) (screenshot)
  • See how your computer use evolves over time (screenshot)

Set limits on what applications you can use

  • Set daily and weekly usage goals for email, social networking, browsing, or custom groups and get notifications when you reach them (screenshot)
  • Opt to have iFocus prevent you from further use after you have reached these limits (screenshot)

Protect yourself from distractions

  • Set a target window and an amount of time that you want to work on it without interruption, and have iFocus supervise you (screenshot)
  • Get audible and visual alerts when you switch away from the application you plan to work on (screenshot)
  • Have iFocus switch you back to your workspace when you get distracted

Download iFocus

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